Vladimir Shatrov
Advertising and portrait photographer.

Welcome to my site, here i'm talk about the people, i photograph, and show my favorite pictures.

Come in, enjoy)
Film about process
We've made a film about shooting, because we wanted to show the atmosphere and mood that's created in process.

We went further, or rather we went to the seaside, to capture the lightness, freedom and depth of Galya.

Galya Korablyova is a coach who changes people's lives, including me. Look what we did)
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Stanislav Kluev
Founder of Studia 54.

After a few personal shoots with Stas and his wife Olga - we decided to shoot the whole team at their office.

Studio 54 deals with interior design, architectural design and construction all over the world.
Mark Barton
Psychologist, expert in personal and family relationships, writer.

The shoot turned out to be short, in about 40 minutes we managed to take good portraits, one of which later appeared on the cover of his book "Женщина. Девушка. Девочка."
Olga Primachenko
You may know Olya as the bestselling author of "To Myself Gently", "With You I'm Home" and "At the Resting Point".

Her books are like hugging you with words, and Olya is a deep, interesting and curious person, what was reflected in our photos of course.

This shoot was about self-acceptance, age and honesty.
We are waiting for one of these photos on the cover of the next book.
Andrew Kurpatov
Russian TV presenter and producer, psychotherapist, author of books, entrepreneur.

We've already done 5 shoots, and it's always interesting conversations, discussions about psychology and people, and cool photos that you can see on book covers, in city adverts, in the underground, in general - a lot of places.
Tatyana Muzhitskaya
Certified business coach and international NLP trainer with twenty years of experience.

Author of "An Affair with Myself", "I can do anything", "The Theory of Improbability" and other amazing books.

Highly recommended.
Arseny Popov
Russian comedian, actor and designer.

Actor of the show "Improvisation" on TNT and member of the jury in the show "Improvisation. Teams."

When planning the shoot, I suggested Arseniy to shoot in a photo studio or at my home.

We shot at my house against the background of a sheet glued to the wardrobe. Creativity!
Svetlana Oleinik
Sveta is the founder of the School of Conscious Femininity. Tarologist, numerologist, author and presenter of women's transformational trainings.

Our shootings with her are like imbued with magic, they contain femininity and sensitivity, tenderness and strength, inspiration and freedom.

I love these shots, especially on the table.
Alexander Savkin
Founder of the Institute of Coaching, executive coach.

Alexander is like a sage-teacher from films about monks and shao-lin.
You can listen to him for hours, and his gesticulation seems to add another space to the conversation.

A deep photosession, a deep man.
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How photography changes people's lives
"No one can take a picture of me like you!"
Andrew Kurpatov
writer, psyhologist
Andrew Parabellum
"Shatrov. You're a damn genius. Thank you!"
Viktor Loginov
"Man!!! I haven't finished watching it yet, but I like so many things!!!!!!

Awesome!!!! Fire!!!!!"
Timur Eremeev
actor, tv presenter
"I've got a lot of traffic cooking for you, and plan to only work with you myself, you're a awesome! 🔥"
Danil Tsuprik
"Very cool, thank you!"
Oskar Kuchera
"Volodya thanks, everything is great - for me the coolest event of the summer, honestly! "
Tatyana Zimarina
"This is exactly what I wanted. it's an absolute hit on my vibe, sorry God.
And it's absolutely a go in the next book."
Olga Primachenko
" Wooow, these aren't pictures, they're love❤️❤️❤️ "
Maria Fokina
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